Burnt Toast Studio (BTS) started with five founding members who met in 1993 while studying printmaking at the Alberta College of Art & Design. During those years strong friendships developed as well as an artistic camaraderie that created cross-influence and led to collaborative works as well as a desire to continue their practice past graduation which they did by founding BTS. Over the years many of the members have moved on and out but not without and attracting many others who have taken advantage of the vision and facilities to continue and develop their own practices. This camaraderie and collaboration is still part of the BTS experience today.

Since it officially formed in 2000, BTS is  an incubator for many artists with varying disciples. We have  an atmosphere in which the members can be part of something larger than themselves, supporting each other and showing our work together. Members  explore screen-printing, design, painting and mixed media through the shared facilities and have the option to explore whatever their creative inspiration  they may have in their individual studio spaces.

Today Burnt Toast Studio is home to many talented Calgary artists. Our mission is to provide affordable studio space and shared facilities. We also provide opportunities to show emerging artwork, and connect with the community for opportunities to share and show work. And finally, we want to provide a community for Calgary’s emerging artists.

For rental inquiries, email info@burnttoaststudio.com