ACAD President & CEO loves Burnt Toast!

Jul 07 2011 by Edwin Herrenschmidt | 0 comments

... Okay. It's a hyperbole.

However, he sent a personal note (in français, s'il vous plait!) to Edwin to congratulate him on the Herald Article!

So, Bravo to Heath McCoy for an article so well written, congrats to Burnt Toast for fomenting such a boundary-breaking artist (yes, I am writing this about myself!! ha!), and kudos to ACAD, 'cos it's a kick-ass art school!

Oh ... here's the note. Nice touch Daniel! Votre français est impécable!

Calgary Herald features Burnt Toast artist

Jul 07 2011 by Edwin Herrenschmidt | 0 comments

The Calgary Herald recently featured Edwin Herrenschmidt on the cover of its Entertainment section (Monday, June 17, 2011).

The article written by Heath McCoy, started as a casual interview at the studio, followed by a photo session with Herald photographer Dean Bickell. What a way to represent!

Heath has promised to write a feature about the whole studio late summer or early fall.

Here's an excerpt to titillate your taste buds: 

Although the original five members of Burnt Toast Studio came from a background of printmaking and silk screening, which they still work in today, to varying degrees, Herrenschmidt stresses that the studio is an “art lab” dedicated to a variety of disciplines, including painting, sculpture and graphic design.

Read the whole article here.

Screenprinting during the opening

Apr 12 2011 by Edwin Herrenschmidt | 0 comments

Here's a short video of the screen printing madness on Thursday April 7th at Art Central, taken with a small handheld device that also acts as an iPhone.

James prints Doug's shirt with some fire-truck red Speedball® fabric ink, and Jon flash sets it with a hair dryer (like he needs one, really!!) before ironing the shirt.

First Thursday at Art Central

Apr 12 2011 by James Jensen | 0 comments

Finally getting around to posting some photos from our opening and demo on First Thursday. It was a huge success! We screenprinted countless t-shirts for happy humans throughout the evening. Thanks so much to everyone who helped. To Brad and Camille for the delicious food and cake. To Broken City for sponsoring the cost of the food. To Anna, Erica and Kasia for the cupcakes. To Alden, Brad, Edwin, Jon and Heather for helping out with the demo. To Sonia and Amanda at Encorp / Art Central for giving BTS the space for April. Lastly, thanks to all who visited and took part!

Uppercase also celebrated the launch of their new book: Work/Life 2. You can see images of that event here.

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