Camille Betts

    • cam port
    • realiazation of space #117
    • Realization of Space #117 (15w x 20d x 7h feet)
    • Realization of Space #117 (detail)
    • realization of space #117 with people
    • #200a night 15w x 15d x 3h feet
    • #213 (12w x 10d x 8h feet)
    • Unit NO-14
    • Touching Unit NO-14
    • Looking at Unit NO-14
    • looking into Unit NO-14
    • #4-319
    • #4-319 detail
    • Explosion in blue detail from 10-205-15
    • Ninja Dragon Face detail from 10-205-15
    • Rose Archway detail from 10-205-15
    • Behind Bars and Glass detail from 10-205-15

    Camille's current body of work has an eco-friendly theme, as most of her materials are recycled or repurposed from their original function. Process is important to her work as she recycles packaging, junk mail, excess paper collected from her job, etc. into new handmade papers She transforms this newly created paper, from the traditional two dimensional structure, into large three dimensional objects. The fragility of her work is influenced by the ethereal experience, the ability to experience the here and now, while keeping in mind sensations of the past and possibilities of the future.

    Camille joined Burnt Toast Studio in April 2008, adding yet another dimension to the studio. She works from the ceiling down while looking for alternatives to conventional sculpture presentation.

    Camille attained her BFA from Alberta College of Art and Design with a major in Sculpture. Since, she has travelled throughout the western half of this continent seeking good music, art and enlightenment. After finding all three, in a few respects, she returned to translate her temporal celebratory experience into a visual and tactile realm of experiences.

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