Edwin Herrenschmidt

    Edwin's artistic endeavours began around the age of two when he picked up a blue crayon (Yves Klein blue no doubt) and started drawing on anything within reach. Later on, driven by the attention deficit disorder that reigns in our hyper image consumption society, Edwin's approach to art is a critique, a bi-product, and a contributing factor in this relentless visual bombardment. 

    His latest series of works attempt to illustrate the broken narrative of waking dreams, of a parallel consciousness that imprints our memories like fading souvenirs of places visited and people encountered.

    Furthermore, Edwin is one of the founding members and treasurer of Burnt Toast Studio. He considers this unique shared workspace as an art lab, where ideas and techniques can be explored, exchanged, experienced or expunged.

    Born in Tahiti and raised in France for 24 years, Edwin immigrated to Calgary in 1994 where he attained a BFA in Printmaking from the Alberta College of Art & Design in 1996. His work has been exhibited in several Calgary galleries such as The Art Gallery of Calgary, Art Central, Image 54, Artspace Contemporary Art, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, the University of Calgary, as well as Ostrava, Czech Republic, and Kyoto, Japan. Edwin is currently represented in Calgary by AXIS Contemporary Art.

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