Jacqueline Huskisson

    Jackie’s work is very intuitive; she draws upon her own imagination, vomiting up monsters as they themselves vomit up rainbows. In a way it is a strange mirror world that she is creating, but more than that it is an exploration of her own inner self, both the beautiful and the grotesque. The monsters are remnants, strange festering veterans of her youth that have thundered their intentions to emerge, having fed from her ID long enough. And so they have stepped forth through her work, which has up to now been a slow realization like an idea floating in space that one grasps for yet fails but just so. As she has grown and become an adult, the pressure to leave these things in their cells, if not to execute them altogether has been constant though she have persevered and grown to accept them and see them as parts of herself that she is allowing herself to keep. It is a sort of compromise, in fact, the monsters find their release, and in a way so do she. Through her own allowance to explore those thoughts, fantasies and interests which society at large asks to keep stowed, those grotesque and beautiful, sexy and dangerous beasts.

    Jackie’s monsters are ultimately an extended reaction to her environment, sometimes using popular media references or whatever comes out of her to ultimately reflect her situation in society and how she interacts with people in general. They encompass a range of emotions and situations that occur to her, and though these monsters have many eyes, tentacles and claws, she finds an odd resemblance in them to herself, and to people in general. These creatures are expressed though silkscreens, etchings, relief prints, pencil crayons and ink drawings.

    Jackie received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2011, where she majored in Print Media; she joined Burnt Toast Studio in the fall of 2011. She is currently living and working in Calgary where she was born and raised.

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