Katie Cregan


    Katie was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and has lived in Calgary most of her life. Since having first been introduced to printmaking in 2008, her enthusiasm for the medium’s diverse, challenging and exciting processes has grown into a deep-seated love. As she also enjoys exploring the tactile world of sculpture, Katie finds ways to maneuver between the 2nd and 3rd dimensions by using the prints themselves to create sculptural forms.  

    Her recent 2- and 3-dimensional print works investigate the ever-changing, precious, and fragile nature of memory, tradition and identity. The preservation (and loss) of knowledge passed down through generations, the symbolic nature of heirlooms and artifacts, and especially how these influence the way one identifies with self, are concepts that fuel her practice. Calling forth on her knowledge of the fiber arts (in part, passed down to her through the maternal side of her family), Katie chooses to transcend the supposed boundary between craft and fine art by incorporating hand-made textiles into the printmaking process. She then use the resulting prints as materials in numerous applications, as paper is essentially a variety of textile in and of itself.

    By creating permutations of personal heirlooms and artifacts that are made with knowledge of both old and new craft, Katie attempts to bring into focus the notion that such objects naturally become intertwined with our own histories. The works themselves act as signifiers of knowledge, relationships, and memories, and like the heirlooms that inspired them, become markers of time and change.

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