Lee A McKay

    Lee's work is a reaction to the environment around him, as well as a constant experiment with the processes of printmaking. He looks to everyday spaces and experiences for ideas. He is especially interested in what effect the passage of time has on industrial fabricated buildings and objects, and what effect we, as individuals, have on the natural and industrial environments around us.

    The printing plate is created through cutting, etching, or building onto the printing surface. Once a cut is made into the woodblock you cannot go back - each new cut or color is a reaction to the one before. It is this constant experimentation and element of unpredictability that draws Lee to printmaking. Each print evolves from concept to completion. The process which goes into making the print is as equally important to him as the final product.

    Lee attained a BFA in Printmaking from the Alberta College of Art & Design in 1996. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and the Czech Republic.
    is represented in Saskatoon by the Darrell Bell Gallery.

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