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    2001 - 2008     Mount Royal College, Calgary, AB - part-time studies in the Arts.  Concentrations: philosophy, education
    2008 – 2011    University of Calgary, Calgary, AB - Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Studies (to be combined with a Bachelor of Education 2011 – 13). Studio concentrations: printmaking, sculpture


    2010    Art Education Tour of London, England: Gallery and museum tour of London and Oxford led by William J. Laing, Director of Printmaking at the University of Calgary
    2010 – 2011   Technician’s assistant, University of Calgary’s wood/metal shop


    2009    Post Miniature Exhibition and Auction, Little Gallery, University of Calgary, AB
    2010    Recent Works by 3rd & 4th Year Students, Little Gallery, University of Calgary, AB
    2010    Dissolution, Independent Exhibition, Little Gallery, University of Calgary, AB
    2010    Triangle Gallery Studio Art Sale Fundraiser, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB
    2011    Post Miniature Exhibition and Auction, Little Gallery, University of Calgary, AB
    2011    Recent Works by Senior Printmaking Students at the University of Calgary, Craigie Hall Suite, Calgary, AB
    2011    Local Imprint, Artpoint Gallery and Studios, Calgary, AB
    2011    PUSH 2011: the University of Calgary’s 1st Annual Senior Art Student Exhibition, multiple gallery spaces (Craigie Hall Suite, Little Gallery, AB 621), University of Calgary, AB
    2011    Twenty-Eleven: the University of Calgary’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduating Exhibition, Virginia Christopher Fine Art, Calgary, AB
    2011    Cenera’s Emerging Canadian Artists Program Initiative, Cenera, Calgary, AB


    2011   Cascade Print Exchange V, Fairbanks Gallery, Corvallis, Oregon, USA


    2011   Art Department, Faculty of Arts, University of Calgary, AB
    2011   University of Calgary Senator Linda Shaikh


    2008    University of Calgary Automatic Transfer Student Scholarship
    2009    A. Benjamin Gallay Scholarship
    2010    Isabel Stadelbauer Award
    2010    Louise McKinney Award
    2010    Santo Mignosa Printmaking Award


    2011    Twenty-Eleven catalogue
    2011    PUSH 2011 catalogue
    2011    Cascade Print Exchange V catalogue

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