• White Buffalo Ranch
  • White Buffalo Ranch
  • White Buffalo Ranch

White Buffalo Ranch

Artwork by Edwin Herrenschmidt

There has been several births of white buffalos (or bison) in the last 15 years, when hardly none were recorded in the previous 50 years.

They are considered to be sacred signs in several First Nations religions, and thus have great spiritual importance in those cultures and are visited for prayer and other religious ceremonies. (Wikipedia)

The white buffalo represents a warning from mother earth. Some buffalos change colour over the period of their lives, from white, to yellow, then red, to finally turn dark brown/black: the colours of the four quadrants. White: north/daylight. Yellow: east/sunrise. Red: west/sunset. Black: south/nighttime.

The decaying ranch photograph was taken in northern Idaho.

Year: 2004. Size: 20"x16". Medium: 4 colour Silkscreen on Silverprint photograph. Framed.

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