Marrisa Bailowas – “Love Isn’t Cancelled”


30.48 cm X 45.72 cm, 12 inches X 18 inches
silkscreen print

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Marissa Bialowas (she/her) grew up daydreaming and exploring on traditional Treaty 7 Territory. Her heart has established a home in several places since, but she could always find a sense of comfort in early morning cups of coffee, warm light, the travel-sized watercolour set in her backpack, and most of all, the deep-rooted soul ties with friends who have carried her on clouds of effortless laughter, radical love, and unconditional support.

Artist Inspiration : “I have heard a lot of folks say they miss hugging those they care about — more simply, they miss physical touch. In a time of social distancing, we are challenged to embrace the ones we love with our words and distant actions. I like to think that we are redefining what it means to truly be “”connected,”” even from afar. I hope that we will walk away from this a little more connected to the people that make our hearts sing and deepen the crow’s feet at our hopeful eyes. But most of all, I hope that we will take the time to tune in and connect to realities beyond our own, and prepare to fight the good fight that puts love at the forefront.”

Instagram : @marissabialowas

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