Mike Hooves – “Stay Home”


30.48 cm X 45.72 cm, 12 inches X 18 inches
silkscreen print

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Mike Hooves is a multi-disciplinary artist working in illustration, animation, and film in Calgary, Alberta. Their work depicts human experience and narrative through various femme and non-binary figures. Mike playfully explores expression through shape, colour, and gesture to achieve active imagery that carries a sense of movement.

Artist Inspiration  : “I wanted to combine the seriousness of WW2 propaganda posters with a cozy sweatpants sensibility to create a playfully heroic image. The shield design is inspired by old Canadian homes and the folk-art stylings of their gables, another way to make the image radiate homey comfort. I hope this poster is a reminder that something as seemingly mundane as staying home is an active and effective form of fighting COVID-19.”

Instagram : @mikehooves

Website :

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