Nasarimba – “Put People First, Fund Public Services”


30.48 cm X 45.72 cm, 12 inches X 18 inches
silkscreen print

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NASARIMBA is the collaborative practice of artists, Mikhail Miller and Rachel Ziriada. They produce vibrant works spanning across the mediums of collage, painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation and murals. NASARIMBA works in a predominately abstract manner, using line, form and colour harmonies to create visceral experiences for the viewer.

Artist Inspiration  : “The current UCP provincial government is actively cutting funding of essential public services that are the basis of our society. Meanwhile they are bailing out large oil and gas corporations, buying shares in pipeline projects, handing out corporate tax breaks, and selling off crown land to private interests.

We want to encourage and promote funding of public services in Alberta. Health care, education, housing, transit, childcare and food security are human rights. Put people first and prioritized public services in the provincial budget. ”

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